Acoustic Blankets for Industrial Use

Client: Weyerhaeuser Company
Weyerhaeuser Company began more than 100 years ago with 900,000 acres of timberland, three employees, and a small office in Tacoma, Washington. Their company’s namesake, Frederick Weyerhaeuser, and their original investors were forest industry experts who contributed capital and, perhaps more important, their experience, reputations, and values to the new business. Forestry expertise and commitment to values have held Weyerhaeuser in good stead for more than a century. Today they own or manage 22 million acres of timberland with offices or operations in 10 countries. They invite you to explore our history, with an eye toward our exciting future.
All Noise Control
All Noise Control supplies and custom manufacturers a wide variety of cost-effective, high-performance acoustical products for noise control in commercial, industrial, and institutional markets as well as other specific markets like Houses of Worship. All Noise Control has been front-runners in delivering specialized noise control materials solving virtually any noise control issue. Acoustic blankets for industrial use Be it improved acoustics for theater, broadcasting, and audio or churches or blocking noise in industrial plants, heavy construction sites, outdoor large-scale applications, and others too many to list.
All Noise Control discuss with Weyerhaeuser Company and came to a conclusion about what product would be best. The product that would be best would be the ANC-AB110EXT- R2. This product is a sound absorber and is used for outdoor applications. This means that it is UV resistant, and had maximum durability.
This product is typically used as modular curtains for long–term construction or just a permanent outdoor application such as enclosing HVAC equipment. This product is two inches thick, vinyl coated polyester faced one-inch quilted fiberglass and one pound per square foot reinforced loaded vinyl barrier. This will help sound absorb.
Weyerhaeuser Company was extremely thrilled with the results of the product. The ANC – AB110 EXT-R2 Sound Curtains, with this product, can now work in a peaceful environment.
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