Soundproofing Noise Control Floor Insulation Underlayment

Noise Control Floor Insulation Underlayment creates sound-rated floors with the high IIC and STC levels required by ICBO, UBC, and FHA for luxury developments. It is a durable and proven solution – the only mat that has been tested after 10 years of use. (Floor Insulation Underlayment retained 97% of original thickness, was as pliable as a new role, and performed equally to a newly manufactured roll.) It increases IIC levels up to 12 points over a wood frame and up to 20 points over concrete. It also increases the STC rating by 6-15 points over a bare wood frame system.
Soundproofing Noise Control Floor Underlayment Details:
Floor Insulation Underlayment is the acoustic floor underlayment materials made up of extruded nylon filaments that form a three-dimensional core that has a nonwoven fabric heat bonded to its upper surface.
The durable, yet pliable, construction of Floor Insulation Underlayment sound control matting lowers both structural and airborne sound transmission by its ability to convert and store vibrational energy.
Recommended applications for Floor Insulation Underlayment include commercial and residential multi-story buildings such as condominiums, apartments, office buildings, hotels, schools, athletic floors, and more.
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