Vinyl Sound Barrier for Building Construction

Clients: Powertech Interiors

Since 1993, Powertech Interiors has built a reputation as the leader of quality construction in South Florida. Their customer base consists of the premier builders, developers, and construction companies located throughout Florida. They also work directly with Designers, Architects, and Owner Representatives. The vast majority of their clients are repeat business and upon request, they can provide references of many of the top builders and architects that currently work with them. In short Powertech can be summed up as the “the top quality firm that is easy to work with”.

All Noise Control

All Noise Control supplies and custom manufacturers a wide variety of cost effective, high performance acoustical products for noise control in commercial, industrial, institutional markets. All Noise Control has been front-runners in delivering specialized noise control materials solving virtually any noise control issue. Be it-improved acoustics for theater, broadcasting & audio or churches or blocking noise in industrial plants, heavy construction sites, outdoor enlarge applications and others to many to list. They are sure that with our variety of acoustical materials, in multiple colors, shape and size options tailored to fit your needs.


Powertech Interiors contacted All Noise Control; they need to find a product that reduces sound from transmitting through walls, floors, and ceiling. As well as soundproofing an existing spaces. Powertech Interiors felt 100% confident that their decision to use All Noise Control was the right decision.


The main goal for All Noise Control was to find the ideal product for Powertech Interiors. That consists with their request, reduces sounds from transmitting through walls, floors, and ceilings. As well as soundproofing an existing spaces.


All Noise Control explain to Powertech Interiors about a product that could do the job. The product is the Acoustical Vinyl Sound Barrier. This product has a high-density thin, weighted barrier, constructed of non-reinforced high temperature fused vinyl with no lead filters. Weighs one pound per square foot and is 1/8″ thick. Apply to block transmission of sound through walls, floors, and ceilings. Also effective as a pipe and duct wrap to damper vibrations and reduce noise. Also available in a reinforced version designed to sustain its own vertical weight for suspension


Our Client, Powertech Interiors order that product and install the product, the result of the product was amazing, they were very pleased with the results. The Acoustical Vinyl Sound Barrier was the ideal product.

Once you have had a chance to visit this site, contact All Noise Control. Our consultants  trained to answer any question, construct a solution to your noise pollution problem, and help you figure out the appropriate products, quantities, and installation guidelines. You may find our division websites useful. We have created them with specific products for specific problems in their respective areas.

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