Acoustical Door Panels

Acoustical Door Panels – Soundproofing Case Study


Acoustical door panels Even the biggest noise problems can be treated with just a simple solution. Leighton McGinn Company had s problems with noise traveling through one doorway.


Upon contacting All Noise Control we showed them the options and acoustic properties of our ANC-AB2DC  Acoustical Door Panels. Their custom sizes with hinges and variations of the door handles and keyholes were a simple, cost-effective solution. Our ANC-AB2DC blanket was trimmed and finished to their doors measurements and was installed quickly.


Immediately the noise was quieted and a healthy, productive level of quiet spread through the facility. Our quilted fiberglass door blankets steadily achieve STC ratings of 29 and coupled with other noise absorption and barrier products can control even the loudest of noises. door panels are an effective way to reduce noise transmission in buildings. They are typically made of wood or metal and are designed to fit over the door opening.

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