Multi-Purpose Room Soundproofing

Fellowship Halls or Multi-Purpose Room Soundproofing

Almost all churches have multi-purpose rooms where crowd usually filters out after main service, for coffee and conversations. These multi-purpose rooms also called Fellowship halls which sometimes are used for community dinners, meetings, etc.,
Those Rooms become quite noisy, mostly because of human voice frequencies and sound reverberation due to hard surfaces such like walls and floors, sometimes it becomes hard to hear other person just 3 feet away. This the times which should be a joyful social and spiritual experience become an event that everyone in attendance tires to get off as soon as possible.
We have a solution and products to address all ongoing church noise issues, while we recommend to call Acoustic experts as there is No “One Size Fits All” in church acoustics, you may review the list of products that can solve your noise issues in Multipurpose Rooms.


Church Soundproofing

Recommended Products

Wall panels
Ceiling Baffles
Ceiling Clouds
Acoustical Banners

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