Accordion Door STC 30

ANC-30 Accordion Door provide a quick and convenient solution to separating a large room into two or more divided sections for security, privacy or crowd control. These durable panels require minimal headroom, zero floor space. Requiring only an overhead track for support. These compact panels can be designed to recess into a side wall pocket. Conveniently stored out of sight and out of mind, for full use of your building space.
Soundproof accordion-type side folding panels suspend from a single overhead track. This is to form a temporary wall in any type of opening.

  • Sound Blocking Insulation: For maximized sound control, the Soundproof Accordion Door’s double panel construction is lined with continuous blankets of sound absorbing material. This system has been independently tested. Providing a STC rating of 30 per ASTM E90.
  • Concealed Storage:  Designed to stack at a fraction of their extended width. The accordion panels can retract out of sight into a recessed side wall pocket.
  • Smooth Glide Operation:  Panels are track-supported by a smooth glide nylon wheel and ball bearing roller assembly
  • Durable DesignPanels are coated with a scratch resistant, permanently bonded vinyl finish that offers a high level of impact resistance

Modular Construction: Allows for simple, in-place, cost effective installation and service


  • Available Sizes:  3’6” to 22’ H to a maximum of 1600 ft2
  • Stack Area:  2” per foot of width + 7” (for units over 14’ H, minimum stack is 43”)
  • Hang Weight: 4.5 lbs per ft2, extended


  • Track: Soundproof Accordion Door panels are supported by a heavy duty extruded aluminum track. Multiple mounting styles are offered for varying header construction based on available ceiling and clearance space
  • Panels: The continuous length, 4 1/2” wide dual wall panels are coated with a scratch resistant vinyl clad 24 gauge steel, corrugated and reinforced with double rolled end beads for strength and resilience
  • Sound Blocker Lining: Both interior panel surfaces are fitted with continuous blankets of sound-absorbing material securely attached to ensure lasting, effective retention of the sound liner
  • Hinges: Full height extruded vinyl hinges are rugged for lasting performance and allow for simple panel replacement with units mounted in place. These hinges can be color matched to wall panels
  • Lead Post: A heavy duty extruded aluminum post fitted with grip-type handles provides operational support and hook-bolt connection that will close the panels securely. If you require additional security, keyed locking is an available option