Acoustical Applications – When you have a noise problem that needs a custom solution tailored to meet your goals, From industrial and manufacturing to education and hospitality noise problems we have designed and manufactured acoustical solutions provided by our engineers, based on your application.

Acoustical applications are used in a variety of settings in order to improve the quality of sound. For example, acoustical tiles are often used in ceilings to help deaden sound and reduce echoed noise. In addition, fabric-wrapped acoustic panels are often used in recording studios and concert halls to improve the quality of sound recordings and live performances. Acoustic foam is also commonly used in rooms where people need to be able to concentrate, such as libraries and office buildings. By absorbing excessive noise, acoustical applications can help create a more pleasant and productive environment.

Industrial noise control is the science of reducing noise in industrial environments. There are many Industrial Acoustical Applications, and the most effective approach to noise control depends on the source and nature of the noise. In some cases, noise can be reduced at the source by using quieter machinery or redesigning equipment to emit less noise. In other cases, sound can be attenuated by barriers or sound-absorbing materials. In still other cases, a combination of these approaches may be necessary to achieve an acceptable level of noise reduction. Industrial noise control is an important part of many industries, and there are a variety of companies that specialize in providing Industrial Acoustical Applications. These companies can provide advice on the best way to reduce noise in your particular industrial environment.

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