Classroom Noise Control

Soundproofing a classroom can enhance the learning experience for students as good acoustics play a workplace role in the effectiveness of an educational place.
Recently a  school for the children with learning disabilities in Suffolk County, Virginia contacted us to resolve the issue of noisy classrooms adjacent to the hallway and cafeteria. Classrooms with excessive noise reverberation make it difficult for students to
understand the lessons. Children with learning disabilities have far more time paying attention to their teacher. Constant noise distraction from the foot traffic in hallways was neither good for students or the teacher as well.
Our Acoustical experts suggested installing FABRIC WRAPPED ACOUSTICAL WALL PANELS manufactured by All Noise Control on the rear wall of the classroom opposite to the instructor, thus cutting down the excessive vibration and echo within the room.
For outdoor noises and sounds seeping through the doors, we used ACOUSTICAL DOOR BLANKETS by ANC. Acoustical door blankets are designed to be attached to any existing door to significantly improve the sound transmission loss ability of the door by blocking the unwanted noises to leak through the door and its frame.
By installing these two effective products, we were able to achieve the suggested Reverberation Time [RT60] of .5 seconds  [in the speech intelligibility range], in the classroom.
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