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Excessive noise levels are a growing problem in computer room design and construction. Computer server racks, towers, and CPUs all have cooling fans built in. Computer fan noise is a high-pitched whine that reduces employee productivity and efficiency. To quiet that computer fan noise, sound-absorbing materials such as acoustical foams should be used in the design and construction of these rooms.
All Noise Control Acoustical Foam, which is class 1 fire rated and fiber-free, should be used behind the server racks to pick up the first point of reflection from the noise of those computer fans. Also, the All Noise Control foam panels and ceiling tiles can be used on the walls and ceilings to reduce the overall ambient computer noise within the room.
These products can be used in the initial computer room design and construction phase or can be added later as a retrofit to quiet that computer fan noise.
Products used in computer rooms include:

Soundproofing Case Study

Intel solves server rack noise within the internal computer lab room.
Jim Rohr from Intel Corporation called All Noise Control to help them solve their noise control issues regarding a noisy lab room that houses substantial server racks and computer equipment for Intel. Like most server racks computers are stored “stacked” upon racks vertical off the floor reducing dust and increasing airflow.
The problem is the noise from these suspended racks of servers travels freely. As there is typically no furniture, no rugs, and no fire hazard materials, there is nothing that absorbs the noise. When these rooms are large enough with workspace desks, the noise can reach uncomfortable levels. Even for those using or completing tasks within the room for short periods exit with a hum in their ear, let alone the employees and technicians that spend hours configuring, building, and upgrading computer equipment in these computer labs.
Most of the noise is a result of the cooling fans within the computers and HVAC equipment which are typically on to assist with airflow and cooling. The presence of flat surfaces (desks, monitors, computers, floors, walls & ceilings) also promotes the noise to reflect and continue to travel. After understanding the noise, the source, and the issues surrounding their application, All Noise Control provided them with a solution of acoustical wall panels. Read More
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