Floating Walls & Floors Noise Control

Floating walls and floating floors refer to installing an isolated floor or wall from the framing or structure in order to reduce the resonant vibrational energy within the wall or ceiling construction. By installing floating walls and floors you are reducing structure borne or impact noise, such as footfalls, cupboards and doors shutting etc., that is being transmitted through a building’s structure. This type of floor and wall soundproofing is referred to as STC (Sound Transmission Classifications) and IIC Ratings (Impact Isolation Ratings).
Applications for floating floors and walls include the following: Apartments, condos and other residential settings where soundproofing is required to reduce unwanted noise coming through common walls and footfall or impact noise coming from above. There are also commercial applications for this type of wall and floor soundproofing such as testing labs, executive offices, conference rooms and more.
Materials used for floating floors and floating walls include Enkasonic, Alpha Resiliant, Isolation Chips and Isolation Pads:

  • Sound PROOFING  AND Isolation products materials
  • Isolation Pads
  • Floor Underlayments

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