Industrial Power Plant Noise Control

Industrail Power Plant Noise Control requirements for minimizing noise transmission from power plants machines, Transformers and Power System equipments are becoming more and more stringent. Each of these items has the potential of generating high noise levels.
Power Plants equipment: such as fans, centrifugal blowers, pumps, Vacuums, piping, and duct to produce electricity. Each of these items has the potential of generating high noise levels. Below is a list of noise problem solutions to address these issues.
Acoustic Enclosure – Acoustic Enclosures for heavy-duty gas turbine and diesel engines in power plants with noise attenuated air inlet and outlet systems for enclosure ventilation, Air Intake Ducts with optimal acoustic performance and flow dynamics, Single or Multi-Blade Dampers, Exhaust Gas Ducts & Diffusers.
Duct Silencers – High level of noise control in airflow applications, used in stacks, larger ID fans, building ventilation, and many more
Acoustical LouversSound reduction without restricting airflow in buildings and enclosures.
Mufflers – Applied to Vacuums, motors, and pipes to minimize equipment’s exhaust noise, usually applied to generators Vacuums, and blowers.
Duct and Pipe Lagging – Highly effective in reducing breakout noise generated from ductwork and pipes, will be wrapped in the absorbing component.
Sound Enclosures – The best reduction insource noise control! Encloses noisy machinery while providing airflow and easy access to maintain equipment at any time.
Sound Absorbing Panels– Reduces sound in buildings and enclosed spaces, and can be applied to interior and exterior walls.
Noise Barrier – Enclosure used to block noise from surrounding noisy equipment while not restricting airflow

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