Acoustic Blankets for Compressor Noise

The Alpha Packaging, located in Jacksonville, FL, was searching for a solution for a growing noise from high-pressure compressors in their warehouse. An excessive level of noise from the compressors was causing concerns and complaints from Alpha Packaging employees.
Treatment Provided
All Noise Control met these challenges by developing a custom solution using the ANC-AB13 2″ thick acoustic blanket with 1# non-reinforced vinyl barrier to creating a 4-sided enclosure including a floor-mounted heavy-duty double track system.
Alpha Packaging decided to implement our recommendations and to enclose the Compressors with an acoustic blanket with 1# non-reinforced vinyl barrier. The noise complaints from the employees ceased, and management had achieved its noise reduction goals and was very pleased with the results.

Acoustic blankets are specially designed to reduce noise from compressors. By absorbing sound, they can help to reduce the overall noise level in an industrial setting. Acoustic blankets are typically made from a foam core, with a layer of acoustic fabric attached to one side. This fabric is usually perforated to allow air to pass through, which helps to reduce the risk of fire. Acoustic blankets are usually installed around the perimeter of a compressor and can be secured using straps or hooks. In some cases, they may also be used in conjunction with other noise-reduction measures, such as sound-dampening panels. Acoustic blankets are an effective way to reduce compressor noise and create a more comfortable work environment.

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