Acoustic Ceiling Tile Barrier for Nason Construction

Nason Construction contacted All Noise Control to improve patient privacy, they were looking for ways to reduce noise traveling above ceilings from room to room in a health care facility they were working on.
The customer had a ceiling tile in place and after receiving all the information and sizes of the area, All Noise Control provided a solution using ANC-CTBF Acoustical Ceiling tile Barriers Melamine, clas 1 fire rated foam 1′ thick bonded to a 1/8″ thick 1# vinyl barrier which lay above existing ceiling tiles.
The customer placed the order, installed the products, and is very pleased with the results.
Installation Instructions:  This high STC Ceiling Tile Barrier is an effective means to block sound transmission. The Ceiling Tile Barrier is placed behind any installed ceiling tile. This is a cost-effective solution to block sound transmission between offices and rooms.

Acoustic ceiling tiles are used in a variety of settings in order to improve the sound quality of a space. They are commonly used in office buildings, schools, and hospitals. The Acoustic Ceiling Tile Barrier is an effective way to reduce noise pollution in these types of settings. The barrier is made of a special material that absorbs sound, making it an ideal solution for spaces that are exposed to high levels of noise. The Acoustic Ceiling Tile Barrier is easy to install and is an effective way to reduce noise pollution in any setting.

Ceiling Tile Barriers with 1'' Fiberglass & 1 Pound scrim faced Vinyl Sound Barrier
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