Acoustical Baffles for Amazon Telemarketing Room

When it comes to soundproof offices and call centers all acoustical properties must be considered, such as Open floor plans are common place in call centers. Call centers in the healthcare, financial and legal industries have an additional obligation to maintain client confidentiality.

Many precautionary measures can be taken to make sure that your office is compliant. Acoustical door seal kits can be added to existing doors to cut down the amount of sound that gets transferred to adjacent offices and hallways. Signature noise barrier ceiling tiles can be used to reduce the amount of speech being transferred from office to office.

Acoustical fabric wrapped wall panels can be added to help reduce the amount of ambient noise in the office while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Case Study

In Nevada, had significant echo and reverberation problems in their telemarketing room. With too many simultaneous conversations going on at once to count, the sound waves bounce around the room at a rapid rate. With little or no absorbents, telemarketers’ customers experienced loud background noise, as noise cancelling headsets can only do so much. A reverberation and echo problem such as this lowers the professionalism of the calls, the comfort / privacy of the call and speech intelligibility.
All Noise Control provided sound advice with an easy to install, incredibly effective multi soundproofing material solution. Melamine Foam and ANC-600 baffles.
The suspended ANC-600 Baffles are superior for reverberation problems. Aesthetically they have crisp corners and finished faces in PVC or fabric. By suspending our standard 2’ x 4’ panels with grommets, the sound waves had no choice but to be absorbed and dissipate quickly completely solving the echo.
By using the Melamine Foam, any sound waves and/or noise remaining were prevented from bouncing repeatedly off walls.
With multiple soundproofing materials provided, All Noise Control managed to completely dissipate the sound waves creating the echos which gave the telemarketer’s a new advantage by helping the customers feel truly like it was a private, personal conversation and one on one. The telemarketers performance and call volumes showed a positive improvement. More productive employees, better call experience for customers and all with an aesthetic, cost-effective acoustic solution.
We invite you to call All Noise Control at 561-964-9360 to discuss the noise control materials supplied to this particular corporate/ office room and are just as happy to listen to your individual needs and supply you with a customized All Noise Control Solution. You may also visit our ANC-600 Baffles page or our Melamine Foam page for more information at