Soundproof equipment enclosures for IBM’s Research facility

On the east coast in NY is the IBM Thomas J . Watson Research Center, the largest industrial research organization in the world. Focused on IT research with a huge amount of offices containing over 1700 employees is sure to have plenty of noise sources. Testing equipment, labs, offices all benefit from Acoustic Blanket Enclosures. Within test rooms and labs, noisy equipment is enclosed within custom blankets or standard acoustic panels.
Once wrapped equipment achieves a 15 to 20 + Decibel level drop depending on its unique noise conditions. With PVC or Fabric color finishes they can fit aesthetically into office spaces or as standard industrial acoustic blankets the quilted fiber glass blanket is the wildcard for solving industrial & corporate facility noise in a variety of applications.
While IBM used our Acoustic Blanket as room and Soundproofing Equipment enclosures the blankets can be fastened to walls and used to block noise from traveling room to room and office to office. Suspended from ceilings or above cubicles these versatile blankets can absorb noise traveling over these short spaces and absorb it from traveling easily through the ceiling.
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