US Postal Service Solves Noise Issues With All Noise Control

All Noise Control provides solution for US Postal Service to quiet noisy sorting machines and ventilation systems
(West Palm Beach, FL) All Noise Control is the largest manufacturer in the United States of acoustical sound barriers for military, government, and industrial corporations.  
Founded in 1999, All Noise Control makes Noise Control Blankets, Enclosures, InPlant Applications, Pipe and Duct Wraps, and additional custom Sound Barriers.
All Noise Control is the leading provider for the US Postal Service. All Noise Control worked with engineers to create a solution for noisy sorting machines VFS Ventilation and Filtration Systems.  These systems were introduced following the 2001 anthrax attacks through the US Mail system. All Noise control created a 5” inch thick acoustical noise control foam enclosure with a UL-94 fire rating.  The product was tested, and with a successful solution created, the custom product was implemented across the United States for US Postal Service locations to solve the noise issue with the Sorting Machines Ventilation and Filtration Systems.

The US Postal Service has long been plagued by noise issues, but they have finally found a solution with All Noise Control. This company specializes in soundproofing and has worked with the Postal Service to solve their noise problems once and for all. All Noise Control has installed soundproofing materials in the Postal Service’s sorting facilities, which has dramatically reduced the noise levels. In addition, they have also installed sound-absorbing materials in the delivery trucks, which has helped to reduce the noise pollution caused by the vehicles. As a result of these efforts, the US Postal Service is now able to provide a much quieter and more pleasant experience for its customers.

All Noise Control has a long history of working with many governmental divisions and it’s no surprise that we’re considered the front runners in delivering specialized noise control materials.