Acoustic In-Plant Enclosure

Acoustic In-Plant Enclosures are an incredibly versatile acoustic solution for industrial/manufacturing type ( in-plant )applications.

Our In-Plant enclosures are available both as partial or complete acoustic enclosures.

Acoustic enclosures can be suspended, hung from the ceiling, floor mounted, wall-mounted or suspended from roof decking.

For maximum noise reduction ( 20 db(A) + ), we recommend complete enclosures. These complete enclosures still do offer different configurations for visibility, ventilation and adequate access.

Partial acoustic enclosures can still offer noise reduction of 15 db(A) + while only having 2, 3 or a 4 sided (without roof) enclosure.

Acoustic Blankets In-Plant brochure

Call our soundproofing specialist today to discuss details on custom engineered acoustic enclosures for your application.

3 Part Specs

ANC-AB110-EXT-N 2″
ANC-AB110-EXT-R 2″


Acoustic Enclosure

Acoustical Enclosure System


Acoustic Blankets Specs:

ANC-AB12: 1 lb 2 inch thick
ANC-AB13: 1 lb 3 inch thick (*n)
ANC-AB110-EXT-N: 1 inch thick
ANC-AB110-EXT-N2: 2 inch thick a
ANC-AB110-EXT-R: 1 inch thick
ANC-AB110-EXT-R2: 2 inch thick



Acoustic Curtain Track Install


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Acoustic Applications
    • Industrial Plants
    • In-plant Offices
    • Encloseable Noise Sources
    • Outdoor Noise Sources
    • Compressors
    • Printing Presses
    • Drills
    • HVAC Applications
    • Stamping Presses
    • Conveyors
    • Pipe and Duct Jackets
    • Inplant Noise Curtains
    • OEM Applications