Acoustical Foam – Wedges

It is the most popular industrial noise source absorber ! Acoustic foam works by trapping sound waves and preventing them from echoing off of hard surfaces. This allows for clearer recordings and fewer distractions in work environments. The featured contour profile helps trap industrial sound sources in their wake! The open cell structure and surface space of the foam help to maximize your echo drop This Acoustical foam dissipates up to 80% of unwanted sound. Available in 2″ 3″ and 4″
Installation Instructions:  The standard installation technique includes adhering these panels directly to any smooth wall service with a calking gun and any silicone adhesive. One tube of glue for every four sheets or one tube for every 32 sq. ft. Also, adhering the foam to ply wood first, and then bolting the ply wood to the wall provides mobility of the material.
Also mounting the foam on plywood design to “freestand” near a noise source can give you a portable acoustical foam noise control screen that can be moved out of the way.

ANC-2002 (2-inch) .15 .31 .73 1.04 1.08 1.12 .80
ANC-2003 (3-inch) .17 .50 .91 1.08 1.04 1.10 .90
ANC-2004 (4-inch) .32 .93 1.43 1.33 1.29 1.21 1.25
Acoustical Foam
Acoustical Foam