ANC-AB110EXT-R Sound Curtains

ANC- AB110EXT-R offers the benefits of both a noise barrier and a sound absorber composite in one product for outdoor applications.  This barrier-backed product consists of an exterior grade, UV resistant heavy-duty faced quilted fiberglass absorber bonded to a one-pound per sq. ft. reinforced loaded vinyl barrier. The heavy-duty facing is a 10 oz per sq yd vinyl-coated-polyester (VCP) quilted to the sound absorber rather than the standard 4.5 oz. facing. Curtain panels are constructed with grommets across the top and bottom, exterior grade Velcro seals along the vertical edges, and are sewn with Gore Tenara exterior grade thread.

  • STC 27 Rating, NRC .70
  • Available facing colors on quilt: gray, tan, black, off-white
  • Available barrier colors: gray, tan, olive drab or blue


Typically used as modular curtain panels on long-term construction projects or permanent outdoor applications such as enclosing HVAC equipment, dust collectors or similar machinery behind a manufacturing plant where UV and abuse resistance as well as maximum durability, longevity and noise reduction is required. Also available with a one-inch thick quilted fiberglass absorber, or with a two-pound per sq. ft. reinforced barrier.

Product Data:
Description                              Vinyl coated polyester faced 1” quilted fiberglass/
                                                 1 lb-psf reinforced loaded vinyl barrier
Nominal thickness                   1.0 inches
Temperature range                -20° to +180° F
Standard panel width              54” wide, lengths as required up to 20’ high
Weight                                     1.2 lb psf

Sound Transmission Loss


















Installation Instructions
The blankets come standard with grommets across one short side and mating Velcro along the vertical edges.
Mount these panels directly to a wall using self-taping screws and a washer. The self-tapping screws should be appropriate for the wall material and should be screwed through the washer and grommet into the wall.
The panels are designed to overlap adjoining panels by approximately 2″and be sealed in place with the Velcro along the panel edges.
The acoustical curtain panels have a natural corner strip for wrapping the panel system around a corner.
When the interior of a room is being lined butting the panels tightly in the corners of the room will suffice instead of the corner strip
Cutting Directions for Blankets

ANC-AB110-EXT-R Acoustic Blanket. This particular blanket is comprised of 1lb non-reinforced vinyl barrier sandwiched between two 1″ quilted fiberglass acoustic blankets. The vinyl barrier acts as a dense noise barrier simply containing the noise source, which in this case is the generator. The fiberglass quilted blanket works to absorb the noise through it’s textured (open celled texture) to reduce & weaken the noise and sound waves from leaving the enclosure. The combination of noise blocking and noise absorption properties of the ANC-AB12 makes it an ideal soundproofing material for enclosures. The acoustic blanket facing withstands up to heavy abuse and heat, all constantly present in such industrial generator applications. » View Full Case Study

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