Pyramid Soundproofing Foam

Pyramid soundproofing foam is a long-lasting, high-performance solution to your sound-deadening needs at an affordable price. Pyramid foam’s unique design offers slightly different performance characteristics than other cuts, with its greater surface area. The four sides, rather than the two of the wedge, provide extra diffusion but slightly less absorption for different usage styles and needs.
These 2’x2′ square, open cell polyurethane acoustic foam panels have symmetrically identical beveled faces that disguise their seams from piece to piece. Available in standard 2, 3, and 4-inch thicknesses and 6 different colors,   they yield one uniform look to treated wall space and boast excellent acoustic results. Ideal for any audio application where acoustics and aesthetics are both a must!
Pyramid Soundproofing Foam
Installation Instructions:  Most customers glue these panels to a wall using silicone-based caulk. For portability, you could opt to put them up with velcro strips or double stick tape. Cut the foam from the back side with a carpet cutter or utility knife. The most common way to install the panels is with a caulking gun and tubes of silicone adhesive. One tube for every 8 panels, or every 32 square feet. Other possible installation techniques may include double stick tape or velcro. Also, gluing the panels to plywood first and then bolting the panels to the wall is very popular. This allows you to eventually move the material. In addition, putting furring strips up on the wall first, and then bolting the plywood to the firring strips will create dead air space behind the foam. This will help enhance the acoustic effects of the application.

soundproofing foam
soundproofing foam
soundproofing foam
soundproofing foam
soundproofing foam
soundproofing foam
soundproofing foam
ANC-1002 2-inch .14 .32 .72 .1.01 .1.05 1.08 .80
ANC-1003 3-inch .44 .48 1.19 1.12 1.16 1.16 1.0
ANC-1004 4-inch .39 .60 1.21 1.08 1.16 1.13 1.05


Acoustic Applications
  • Office Settings
  • Radio Stations
  • Churches
  • Recording Booths
  • Drop in ceiling tiles
  • Telemarketing Stations
  • Home Entertainment Centers
  • Band Rooms
  • Music Rooms
  • Surround Sound
  • Drummers