Titebond® Soundproofing Construction Adhesives

Titebond Solvent Free Construction Adhesive offers superior strength, all-purpose versatility and is safe to use. It is ideal for all common building materials including trim, paneling, drywall, foamboard, tub surrounds, plastics, metal, masonry and wet, frozen and treated lumber.
Titebond Solvent Free is environmentally superior and contains no ozone-depleting chemicals. Unlike solvent-based adhesives, it is nonflammable, emits no harmful fumes, and cleans up with water. Soundproofing construction adhesives are specially formulated to reduce the transmission of sound through walls, floors, and ceilings. They are typically used in residential and commercial construction projects to improve the sound quality of rooms. Soundproofing adhesives are applied to the surface of walls, floors, and ceilings before drywall or flooring is installed.

  • Environmentally safe – contains no solvents
  • Cleans easily with water in the wet state
  • Highly water-resistant when dry
  • Offers freeze/thaw stability
  • Bonds wood, paneling, plywood, wet and frozen lumber, metal, plastics, and more
  • Exceeds the requirements of the APA’s AFG-01 specification and ASTM C557
Type:           Blend of polymer emulsions
Calculated   VOC (less water): 6.6 g/L
State           Medium-viscosity mastic
Color           Beige
Weight/gallon 11.93 lbs.
Flashpoint   Greater than 200°F. Solids 75%
Freeze/thaw stability Stable
Viscosity     60,000 – 90,000 cps
Storage life  More than 1 year in an unopened container
pH                4.0 – 6.5