Wall Panel Glue, Adhesive and Wall Panel Edge Details

Possibilities are endless with our line of acoustic Glass Fiber & Wood Panels. Contact us for more information on applications & uses to use with Glass Fiber & Wood Panel Acoustic materials. Our trained acoustic specialists will assist in designing your perfect application based on your needs.

Acoustical Product Edge Details

Acoustical Product Edge

Acoustic Wood & Glass Fiber Panel Glue/Adhesive Techniques

green glue
Impaling Clip
green glue
Mechanical Clips
green glue
Mounting Adhesive
green glue
Hook & Loop Fasteners

Impaling Clip Installation
Put a bead of PSA-29 panel adhesive around the perimeter of the back of the panel – approx ¼″ bead, as well as a few locations on the back of the panel that will touch the wall between the impaling clips.

Glue or screw impaling clip to the wall and allow to dry completely. Align panel and impaling clips so that impaling clip touches the fiberglass rather than the fabric wrapped around the back of the panel. Begin to press impaling clips into the back of the panel. Press panel all the way onto the impaling clip so the panel is touching the wall making sure that the panel is pressed completely on to each of the impaling clips.

Mechanical Clip Installation

Wall bar attaches to wall with standard screws (provided by others). The panel clip will be screwed into hardened epoxy spots on the backs of the panels. Please note that due to the clips there will be a small space between the structure and the panel.
Acoustical Wall Panel Conference Room Picture

Acoustic Applications
  • Sanctuaries
  • Gymnasiums
  • Radio Stations
  • TV Stations
  • Recording Booths
  • Music Rooms
  • Fellowship Halls
  • Surround Sound
  • Telemarketing Stations
  • Drummers
  • Band Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
Physical Properties
  • Colors : 48 polyester fabric Guilford colors
  • Weight : 5 / 8 pound per square foot
  • Size: Custom cut thru 4’x 10′
  • Thickness: I” or 2″
  • Density: 7 pounds per cubic foot
  • Fire Rating : ASTM E 84 Class A approved
  • Smoke Density: 22.75
  • Breaking Strength: 150 lb/in.
  • Density: 2 lb/ft
  • Temperature Limits: -20OF to 180OF
  • Quilting Patter:4″ x 4″ diamond size stitching

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