Swimming Pools Noise Control

During the design and construction phase of an indoor swimming pool planning should be done to control the ambient sound within the room. Most indoor swimming pool designs call for very hard reflective surfaces such as painted block walls and metal ceiling decks. Add to that the reflectiveness of the water and you will have problems with excessive reverberation ( echo ) within the room.

The goal during the design and construction phase of a swimming pool should be to add sound absorbing materials to reduce the reverberation (echo) in the room. Materials such as acoustical baffles work well to reduce the reverberation within the room and add color to the walls and ceilings within the indoor swimming pool.

Materials used to reduce noise levels in swimming pools include:

  • Hanging baffles and banners
  • Acoustical foams
  • wall panels

Swimming Pools Noise Control & Soundproofing Solutions

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