Acoustical Ceiling Tile Barrier reduces sound transmission

Mehrer Drywall
Mehrer Drywall associates with All Noise Control; Mehrer Drywall was about to set in motion with a project. The project had to do with the ceiling; they need a product that would be ideal solution for industrial and office environments. Mehrer Drywall needed the product to prevent sound transmission as well as reducing reverberation from the ceiling. Merhrer Drywall knew that All Noise Control would have a resolution to their dilemma. Brothers Morris and Don Mehrer, journeymen in the drywall industry, incorporated Mehrer Drywall, Inc. in 1963. In 1978, they built offices and warehouses in Seattle’s Magnolia area to keep up with their expanding business. Mehrer Drywall felt 100% confident that their preference to use All Noise Control products was their right decision.

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