Gym Noise Control Pearson Education, Indianapolis, Indiana

A customer called All Noise Control to help them solve their noise control issues in their gym. After discussing their application, All Noise Control provided them with a solution of Acoustical Ceiling Baffles 4×2′ for their application.

Gym noise control can be a difficult problem to solve. There are many different noises that can come from a gym, such as weights dropping, people talking, and music playing. These noises can be distracting and even annoying to others. There are a few things that can be done to help control gym noise. First, Gym owners can try to make sure that the sound system is up to date and that the speakers are placed in strategic locations. This will help to minimize the amount of noise that is bouncing around the room. Secondly, they can encourage their members to use headphones when they are working out. This will help to reduce the amount of noise that is emitted into the room. Lastly, they can remind to keep the volume down on their phone or other devices. it is an important issue to consider when trying to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment for everyone.
The order was placed by Pearson Education they installed their Ceiling Baffles and were very satisfied with our product and service. They would highly recommend All Noise Control.