School Multi-Purpose Rooms Soundproofing

In the heart if Texas, Milan middle school had a noise reverberation problem typical to institution spaces such as gyms, cafeterias, auditorium and general purpose rooms. We all associate the echoes, noise and reverberation of sound with gyms, pool areas & large auditorium / multipurpose rooms and certainly can relate to the high noise levels in these types of rooms. In this middle school gymnasium (a problem in virtual all gymnasiums), the sound bounces off the walls more than the basketballs. Do to the volume and space in these rooms and lack of noise absorbents, the noise grows and creates echoes and reverberation seriously impeding speech intelligibility. When the gym was in use, the conversation next to you was indistinguishable from the conversation across the floor. During sporting events, the noise became unbearable with the gym full of fans, parents and students. The noise levels at sporting events Is already an unhealthy exposure to high decibels especially with no acoustic noise control absorbents in place.

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Classroom Noise Control Soundproofing Solutions

Classroom design and layouts with good acoustics help students understand what educators are teaching and allows students to have a better understanding of the lessons with fewer distractions.

Proper design and layout in a classroom environment will add acoustical wall panels or acoustical ceiling tiles to break up the hard wall and ceiling surfaces used in typical classroom environment.

Materials to reduce noise and to create a learning-friendly classroom design include Soundproofing and Isolation products materials:

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Acoustical Ceiling Baffles for School

All Noise Control informed Clarke School with the product that would help prevent the noise. The product introduced to Clarke School was the Acoustical Ceiling Baffles. This would eliminate built up sound due to noise reflection, in other words the echoing, and sound exposure. With the Acoustical Ceiling Baffle the noise would be dramatically reduce. This Acoustical Ceiling Baffle it is ideal for these applications.

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Acoustic Blankets helps reduce and block the noise at Vanderbilt University Medical

Vanderbilt University Medical based in Nashville, TN, contacted All Noise Control, to provide them with a resolution to their noise issue. All Noise Control assisted with the noise problem that they were having. The most expedient way to help reduce and block the noise was with the ANC-AB12: Acoustic Quilted Fiberglass Absorption Blankets. Once we discussed their application, All Noise Control provided Vanderbilt University Medical with the product.

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Acoustical Panels for The University Of Southern Mississippi School of Music

The University Of Southern Mississippi School Of Music, which is located in Hattiesburg, MS, contacts All Noise Control to discuss about an application. They need something that can be use for everything from lining walls for sound absorption to covering acoustical panels and speaker grille covers. The School of Music provides a wealth of valuable opportunities for the professional and artistic growth of their students. Their faculty members perform at major venues around the world and teach at international festivals and conferences every year. All Noise Control need a product that would be sound absorbing, and that could follow their request.
All Noise Control introduced The University of Southern Mississippi School Of Music with the All Noise Control Fabricated Noise Absorption Fabric. This product is 100% polyester fabric and acoustically sounds transparent and 100% solution dyed polyester. All Noise Control provide more details to The University of Southern Mississippi School Of Music.

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Echo problems at University of Florida

The Problem….
First, we all know schools and institutions have purchasing limits and strict budgets. Secondly, they need to utilize as much space as possible to support their growth and strict budgets. And just like any other school University of Florida found itself untiizing a small room for a variety of important admistrative and student tasks. The real problem that came with that space however was echo. Echoes are often associated with large voluminous spaces however in a small space the sound waves bounce much more rapidly off the surfaces of the room creating unpleasant and unwanted noise and reverberation. Also known as “echo”

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Gym Noise Control Pearson Education, Indianapolis, Indiana

Customer called All Noise Control to help them solve their noise control issues in their gym. After discussing their application, All Noise Control provided them with a solution of Acoustical Ceiling Baffles 4×2′ for their application.

The order was placed by Pearson Education they installed their Ceiling Baffles and were very satisfied with our product and service. They would highly recomend All Noise Control.

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