Acoustical Ceiling Baffles for School

Clarke School contacted All Noise Control; they needed a resolution to noise pollution. Clarke School needed suggestions on what to use for their project, they needed something that would prevent echoing within the room, also to prevent vibration noise troubles in large places as well with noise going out.
All Noise Control acoustical ceiling baffles for school has been supplying and custom manufacturers a wide selection of cost-effective, high presentation acoustical products for noise control in commercial, industrial, and institutional markets.
The main objective of the project was to avert the echoing, and to prevent sound exposure noises within the project Clarke School was a big and very important job to All Noise Control. All Noise Control had a resolution to the noise pollution. Clarke School is a big, All Noise Control needed to suggest the best product, in order to be successful with the project.
All Noise Control informed Clarke School of the product that would help prevent the noise. The product introduced to Clarke School was the Acoustical Ceiling Baffles. This would eliminate built-up sound due to noise reflection, in other words, the echoing, and sound exposure. With the Acoustical Ceiling Baffle, the noise would be dramatically reduced. This Acoustical Ceiling Baffle it is ideal for these applications.
About the Product:
The Acoustical Ceiling Baffle (ANC-600) requires baffles that have a “crisp” corner and a finished face. This makes our ANC-600 ceiling baffles have an aesthetic finished look as well as superior noise control and sound absorption properties. The ANC-600 ceiling baffle is 1 ½ ” thick in standard 2’x4′ sizes. They are available up to 4′ x 8′ for larger applications.
Our Client, Clarke School, is very pleased with the results! The goal has been achieved, the vibrations, the echoing, and the sound exposure has been prevented. Where now the space can be a quitter and the families and kids can concentrate even more in a peaceful environment.
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