School Soundproofing

School Soundproofing Project: When one of the most prestigious  prep schools in Augusta  Georgia  added an early childhood  education wing in their existing school building, They wanted this facility to meet most stringent educational standards, to achieve the required standard, better acoustics in the premises was one of the basic necessity.
The school needed significant soundproofing options between classrooms, class rooms and corridors partitions and around mechanical areas.
The school’s General Contractors approached us to help determine target STC, IICs and reverberation time in the space and  recommend some cost-savings. Soundproofing  options on a few of wall assemblies, Our acoustical  experts recommended substituting out multiple layers of dry wall for a single layer ANC soundproofing wall panels.
These walls were not only very cost effective but still met and  exceeded the target STC, and were independently reviewed and accepted by a private Acoustical Consultant.

The collaboration between School  Management, experienced GC and  All Noise Control resulted in a unique soundproofing solution And excelent results while remaining within their limited budget.