How To Soundproof Animal Shelter

Animal Shelters:
Controlling animal noise and the sounds of barking dogs in indoor animal shelters requires reduction of the ambient animal noise level within the room itself.
Generally, these animal shelters and dog kennels are treated with sound absorptive materials, which will lower the reverberation (echo) time within the rooms.
Since you are never going to able to eliminate the noise of the barking dogs, the idea is make your walls and ceilings less reflective so that the sound of the barking dogs does not continue to bounce or echo around the room.
Outdoor runs cause sound transmission problems, generally with the neighbors complaining about the dog barking noise or animal noise. These need to be treated with sound-blocking materials. In both instances, the acoustical materials are waterproof and easily cleanable.
Materials used to reduce noise levels in animal shelters include:
– Hanging baffles & banners
– Wall panels – Ceiling tiles
– Sound blocking materials
– Acoustical foams
Kennels must also think beyond the inside of the structures often implementing noise control solutions in outdoor kennels and outdoor kennel runs where noise needs to be blocked from traveling to other neighbors & businesses. All Noise Control offers a series of sturdy waterproof materials that fit this type of application. Much thought was put into our products so that they help with the noise control issue, as well are sturdy and easily cleanable as the sound blocking materials are exposed to a lot of wear.

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