Noise problems from office to office within Syracuse Research Facility….

Within the walls of Syracuse Research Center in NY, there’s quite a bit of information. For any research facility, privacy is always a concern and a goal. This goal became achievable once Syracuse Research Center connected with All Noise Control.
Their problem was essentially privacy. To prevent voices from traveling Noise Problems From Office To Office. Sound can be tricky from room to room as it can travel along any materials that can vibrate. This means grids holding up commercial ceilings, fasteners used in walls, conduits holding wire and piping, beams and construction materials on shared walls, etc. Usually the larger the surface the more prominent the sound it supports. The ceilings are a primary weak for sound transmission problems. For existing offices, a clean install is our Ceiling Tile Barrier product, CBF22. This product is key in reducing the sound transmission through the space above the ceiling tiles and through the materials. Sound travels along materials and its reverberation carry that sound through the ceiling grids and suspension ties. The ceiling tile barrier reduces this effect due to its mass and density.
The solution was ideal for retrofitting into an existing space, cost-effective and “invisible” resulting in significant sound reduction and quieter, more private offices.
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