University of Michigan restores harmony in band room with Acoustic Foam

Educational facilities always have acoustic problems to solve. Whether it’s multi-purpose rooms, gymnasiums or sports centers, theaters, auditoriums, or music, and band rooms, there’s a lot of noise in the educational industry. The University of Michigan needed to find harmony in their frequently used band room. With the array of instruments, variety of noise levels, and active students, the sound in their band room has serious reverberation problems. Another major contributing factor in these types of rooms is the construction materials, most often exposed concrete which offers a disadvantage by promoting reverberation, echo, and distortion of sound.
Mr. Wilson of the University of Michigan contacted All Noise Control with the problems they were experiencing in their band room. It was a classic acoustic solution to provide foam to both balance and absorb the sound in the room. We provided the University with the newest pyramid foam in 2’ x 2’ sheets offering a simple and budget-conscious acoustical solution. Harmony was restored in the U. Michigan band room with little impact on often strict educational budgets. The foam panels were also simple to install and handled by the internal maintenance staff quickly and easily.
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