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Acoustic BlanketNoise Reduction Blankets & Sound Curtain Systems These blankets are cut to 4′ width X custom length, or available in any custom size required (custom slits, holes patches, windows, strip curtains, and more can be sewn into your order). These blankets are grommeted across their tops and velcroed down both sides for interconnection. Boasting an average of 20 to 40+ decibel level drops, these self-hanging blankets are suspended either from a ceiling or floor-mounted frame.
Our Acoustic Noise Reduction Blankets are in general broken into 2 main product groups, one is just a noise absorbent, the other is a noise absorbent and noise barrier due to the sewn Vinyl Barrier material
Our most popular and flagship product is our AB1 Blanket. It acts as an absorbent and noise blocker as it has a vinyl barrier sewn internally to the material. The outdoor version of this product line is resin coated to withstand weather, moisture, and the more demanding outdoor applications.
Our AB2 Blanket Absorbents, also known as ANC Barricade Baffles have the same absorption qualities but do not have the vinyl barrier material sewn in. This creates a lighter, more flexible blanket for conditions where that is required.
Acoustic Blanket Product Specific Case Studies
Exelon’s Limerick Generating Plant Installs Acoustic Blanket & Curtain System Enclosure for Excessive Generator Noise…
The Problem…
As the name implies, Excelon’s Limerick Generating plant required All Noise Control professionals to know how to quiet a significant noise source, a generator. Generator noise can be a health hazard to workers in the plant, can project noise to neighboring business and residential areas, and overall, make plants such as this difficult to work in. This 600-acre site produces enough power to serve more than two million homes in southeastern PA, NJ, and MD. With supporting machinery and generators abound, they had a particularly noisy generator that required an industrial soundproofing solution that continued to allow easy access.
The Solution…
All Noise Control assessed their needs through some basic fact-finding discussions. The All Noise Control Acoustic Sound Curtain & Enclosure system used a variety of curtain hardware & tracks and the ANC-AB12 Acoustic Blanket. This particular blanket is comprised of 1lb non-reinforced vinyl barrier sandwiched between two 1″ quilted fiberglass acoustic blankets. The vinyl barrier acts as a dense noise barrier simply containing the noise source, which in this case is the generator. The fiberglass quilted blanket works to absorb the noise through it’s textured (open celled texture) to reduce & weaken the noise and sound waves from leaving the enclosure. The combination of noise blocking and noise absorption properties of the ANC-AB12 makes it an ideal soundproofing material for enclosures. The acoustic blanket facing withstands up to heavy abuse and heat, all constantly present in such industrial generator applications.
Excelon’s specific application resulted in an 8′ x 10′ x 8′ four-sided enclosure with an access opening of 4′ on the 10′ side. This indoor enclosure once installed immediately contained the generator noise. All Noise Control supplied all the necessary Curtain System Hardware and the ANC-AB12 Acoustic Blankets cut & sewn to size finished with grommets and industrial velcro so that they were able to be affixed to hardware and be tight at the overlapping seams improving it’s efficiency in containing the generator noise.
The Results…
As with all our customers, Excelon was pleased with the entire solution and experienced a significant drop in decibels making that area of the plant more manageable and safer for workers.
We invite you to call All Noise Control at 561-964-9360 to discuss the noise control materials supplied to this particular facility and are just as happy to listen to your individual needs and supply you with a customized All Noise Control Solution. You may also visit our acoustic blanket & enclosure page or our main acoustic blanket page to see the soundproofing materials used in this application.