Acoustic sound deadening materials

All Noise Control Soundproofing Barriers; From floor underlayments to acoustic blankts to Mass Loaded Vinyl Barriers we’ve got the Acoustic Sound Deadening Materials for your application.
Vinyl Barrieris high density thin, weighted barrier, constructed of nonreinforced high-temperature fused vinyl with no lead filters.
Weight: 1 lb & 2 lb
Wrap Barrier & Duct Lagging
Wrapping noisy pipes and ductwork in industrial, commercial, residential, and other applications will help significantly quiet these types of mechanical items.
Sizes: 4′ x 30′ & Custom wrap sizes available
Barrier CompositeThis is a combination of 1 ¼” thick foam, then a 1/10″ QVC vinyl, and a 1″ foam faced with a protective aluminized mylar skin.
Thickness: various & custom
Sizes: 4′ x 4′
Acoustic Blanket & Curtain Systems
These barriers are highly noised absorbent, quilted fiberglass blankets designed to absorb unwanted sound reflection in a variety of applications.
Sizes: 4′ by X (custom length)
Thickness:: 1″ or 2″
Waterproof Baffles Since their inception, their popularity has spread into multiple facilities including gymnasiums, industrial plants, fellowship halls, auditoriums, swimming pools, and more. They are lightweight, available in multiple colors, and grommeted for easy vertical suspension.
Standard & Moisture resistance is available.
FootFall Composite – Acoustic Floor Underlayment FootFall is used under laminate or engineered hardwood flooring. FootFall is excellent for use in wood sub-floor construction due to its weight & mass.
Thickness: 2mm, 3.2mm, 6.4mm, and 12mm.
Acoustic Door PanelAll Noise Control’s Acoustical Door Cover Panels are designed to be attached to any existing door to significantly improve the sound transmission loss ability of the door and its frame.