Acoustic Blankets Applications

Acoustic Blankets as Large Scale, Specialty & Sample Applications. The versatility of our noise reduction blankets is just about unlimited.
Below we note which blanket is used for particular sample and specialty applications. The size or location of your application, or the level of unwanted noise is truly no match for our noise reduction blanket materials. Our barriers are highly noise absorbent and designed to absorb unwanted sound reflection in a variety of applications.
Noise Blanket Equipment Enclosures
Isolate equipment noise before it becomes a problem
From HVAC units to large computers, office equipment or generators. Pipes, electrical devices, generators or compressors, all can be enclosed and their noises isolated by custom enclosures which will quiet their surroundings and prevent other complicated noise issues from starting.
Blanket Enclosures for In Plant Application
The loudest & most abusive environments
Within the In-Plant market sites are constantly re-tooling machines, moving equipment, installing equipment. Worker safety and OSHA regulations are key. In-Plant facilities require flexible and durable materials for the huge variety of applications and noise control needs they come across day to day.
Blankets for Heavy Construction Applications
Roaring engines, beeps, gears, banging etc etc
Outdoor versions of our blankets are built for these conditions. Some of the largest construction and engineering companies order our AB1-110 and AB-220 Outdoor Blankets from us. Reinforced, coated and protected to deal with the high abuse and caustic environment of commercial large scale construction projects.
Noise Blanket & Curtain Outdoor Applications
Toxic fumes, wind, rain and unbelievably loud engines
Our outdoor versions of noise reduction blankets are built to withstand it all. Boasting incredibly decible drops these can be used in virtually any outdoor installation. Events may use it for crowd noise, communities to block nearby roads and highways, construction and outdoor venues to quiet noise from reaching neighborhoods.
Construction Site Sound Blanket Fence is an option job sites can use to help control noise at a construction job site. The fencing material is used as a site (visual) barrier along with a sound barrier.
The sound fencing is normally erected before excavation takes place. This helps block noise from the construction site to neighboring residents. The sound fence reducing unwanted noise from bull dozers, jack hammers, pile drivers, construction site trucks, welding equipment, compressors, etc. Engineers and architects are specifying noise control at a construction job site to help mitigate noise for the neighbor’s property.