The Problem….

US Coast in Kodiak, Alaska called All Noise Control to help them resolve their noise control issues with noisy office at their Pacific Alaska Freight Ways office.

The Solution…..

Upon contacting All Noise Control we showed them the options and acoustic properties of our ANC-3000 1″ Wall Panels

The ANC-3000 Us Coast Guard Base is our standard absorber panel that is perfect for most applications with the exception of use in high abuse areas. The ANC-3000 panel is available in 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1 1 /2″ and 2″ thickness with sizes up to a maximum of 4′ x 10′

ANC-3000 Acoustic Wall Panel Details:

Acoustical Wall panels are sound-absorbing panels that can mount directly to walls or ceilings through a variety of adhesives, impaling clips, hook & loop fasters, etc.
They are designed to stop noise control issues with their powerful sound-absorbing acoustical materials. They are frequently used in offices as they not only prevent noise pollution but increase speech intelligibility by reducing reverberation and echoes.

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Acoustical Wall Panel NRC Ratings

1/2″  :.50 – .60
1″ : .80 – .90
2″ : 1.05 – 1.15

Wall Panel Edge Details

Square, Bevel, Radius, Miter

ANC-3000 Wall Panel Installation Instructions

The ANC-3000 panel can be installed on walls or ceilings using mechanical clips, adhesive, or hook & loop.

The Result…
Immediately after installing ANC-3000 Wall Panels, the noise was quieted and a healthy, productive level of quiet spread through the facility. US Coast Guard Base was very satisfied with their result.

Visit our Acoustical Wall Panel page to see the wide selection of products page for product specifications.