ANC-AB13 Noise Reduction Blankets & Sound Curtain Systems

Manufacturing Facility contacted All Noise control to Reduce noise levels generated by a Sweco deburrer that was operating at 85 dB (A) while maintaining maximum accessibility.

Due to the close proximity of the deburrer and other machinery to the main aisle of the manufacturing facility, reduce noise levels as much as possible along the main aisle by individually treating each piece of equipment. Maintain complete uninhibited accessibility for loading and unloading the deburrer.

All Noise Control ANC-AB13 Acoustical Curtain Panels with top, to form 6 ft. diameter, 4 ft. high hoist able enclosure. ANC-AB13 is a flexible Sound Absorption/Noise Barrier composite product featuring a durable reinforced loaded vinyl noise barrier combined with a vinyl faced quilted fiberglass sound absorber. A dedicated hoist offers the immediate access required.

The hoistable enclosure reduced noise levels from 85 dB(A) to 69 dB(A), providing a 16-decibel drop in the noise level at the main aisle while permitting complete and immediate access to the entire machine. The safety and maintenance departments were so pleased with the results that they are planning on installing similar noise control products
at their other plants.

All Noise Control is a leading provider of ANC-AB13 Noise Reduction Blankets for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Our products are used to reduce noise from HVAC systems, air compressors, generators, fans, and pumps. Learn more about our noise control solutions