Northwest Natural Gas Company needs to isolate noise

The Problem…

No matter what region we are industrialization always seems to be present. In Portland Oregon, Northwest Natural Gas Company had natural gas pipe that became a noise issue as the noise emitted from the pipe traveled easily across the open farmlands.
Northwest’s pipe was a 3′ x 10′ x 3′ exposed natural gas pipe. Mr. Camarillo, of Northwest Gas, was familiar with acoustic blankets and considering a purchase. After All Noise Control received simple sketches done by hand, they immediately knew a more effective product was available called acoustic wrap barrier. This solution offered better sound isolation and a more cost effective, weather proof material for this application.
The Material…

The wrap barrier, specifically the ANC-WB21 is a loaded vinyl barrier faced with reinforced full facing aluminum Mylar with a 1 inch thick quilted fiberglass layer bonded to the back of the mass loaded barrier. This insulates the pipes content and noise while offering an outstanding weather proof and sturdy facing. Where important the wrap barrier will also provide an R value of 5.

ANC-WB21 Loaded Vinyl, Composite Noise Wrap Barrier – Acoustical Pipe & Duct Lag-Series

A composite material featuring a flexible one pound per square foot reinforced-foil faced loaded vinyl barrier bonded to a 1″ thick quilted fiberglass sound absorber. Used to wrap noisy pipes, ducts, valves, fan housings and more.
Standard roll sizes are 48″ x 30’L

Easy to cut, wrap and install with matching tape on site.

Class A (or 1) flammability rating per ASTM E-84

STC 29

Typical used to wrap noisy pipes and ducts to block the noise that transmits through the walls of the pipe or duct as air or other contents move through it. The quilted fiberglass decoupler improves the performance of the noise barrier as well as to provide sound absorption and thermal insulation around the pipe or ductwork. The reinforced foil facing on the barrier readily accepts a matching lag tape for easy installation and also serves as a protective jacket for indoor or outdoor applications.

The Result….

Mr. Camarillo ordered our ANC-WB21 Wrap Barrier) on March 22th, 2008 and it was promptly received an installed within a matter of days. Mr. Camarillo sent All Noise Control an email stating that once the product was installed the noise was instantly reduced by 80-90%.
As are all of our customers, he was very happy with the product’s quality and noise isolation performance and plans on making regular purchases from All Noise Control for natural gas pipes that his company has spread through various other locations
We invite you to call All Noise Control at 561-964-9360 to discuss the noise control materials supplied to this particular facility and are just as happy to listen to your individual needs and supply you with a customized All Noise Control Solution. You may also visit our wrap barrier page to view our all our acoustic wrap barrier options.

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