Acoustic Blankets ANC-AB12 Installation

Acoustic Blankets come as custom made to fit your needs to either wrap around the noise source or to create complete or partial noise enclosure, and Acoustic Blankets comes in many different configurations, including fixed positions or on sliding tracks (to provide partial or full noise enclosures)
Material typically required to complete installation: ANC-AB12, self-tapping screws or nails appropriate for the substrate, or other framing material (optional)

1. Determine the area to be covered.
2. If the material is provided in bound pieces (no grommets or Velcro along any edge)
– Using a self-tapping screw that is appropriate for the substrate screw directly through the ANC-AB12 material into the wall or framing material.
– You may use a washer, between the screw and the ANC-AB12, to help secure the material in place
3. If the material is provided in curtain panel form (with edges bound and grommets and/or Velcro along at least one edge)
– Using a self-tapping screw that is appropriate for the substrate, screw through the grommets in the ANC-AB12 curtain panel into the wall or framing material.
– Place a washer, with an ID smaller than that of the screw head, on top of the grommet you are securing through.
4. Each progressive panel should overlap the previous section by approximately 2″.
– Secure pieces in place via the mating vertical Velcro strips (if applicable).
5. Where the panels form a multi sided wall (or enclosure) the panels are designed with a “built in” corner strip which consists only of the barrier portion of the composite product. This corner strip should reach around to the adjacent “wall” and secure with mating Velcro. (Note: if you have too much or too little material to cover a particular area the overlap of the Velcro strips can be adjusted, though not less than a 1″ overlap between adjacent panels is recommended)