Thomas J. O’Beirne and Company, Inc. and Noise Control Issue

Thomas J. O’Beirne & Company, Inc., which is, based Roseland, NJ. Thomas Beirne & Company, Inc. they established in June 1983 and approved as a contractor by New Jersey Bell in August 1983.
All Noise Control, which based in Greenacres, FL. All Noise Control supplies and custom manufacturers a wide variety of cost effective, high performance acoustical products for noise control in commercial, industrial, institutional market.
Thomas J. O’Beirne & Company, Inc. They contacted All Noise Control to discuss about a noise issue they had. Thomas J. O’Beirne & Company, Inc. wanted to control sound within the space. Thomas J. O’Beirne & Company, Inc. was interested in a product that could be use in the ceilings.
The main goal for All Noise Control first discuss with Thomas J. O’Beirne & Company, Inc. to see if they had an idea of how to combat the bleed of noise through the ceiling for greater sound isolation and privacy between space that share this common surface. All Noise Control knew how to improve noise problems. The product that All Noise Control had in mind was the Acoustics Ceiling Tile Barrier, which is design to capture unwelcome sound reflections in the offices, room.
The Acoustical Ceiling Tile Barrier would be ideal with their request, the application was the ceiling, this product is a good sound barrier ceiling solution that can deliver up to a ninety percent reduction in noise, foot noise or noise bleeding into or out of your room through the ceiling. A sound absorption ceiling treatment can restore your room to good quality sound by collapsing your reverberations.
About the Product:
The ANC-CB22 Acoustical Ceiling Tile Barrier has fiberglass backing, class 1 fire rated with 1-pound vinyl 1/8″ thick with aluminized Mylar facing. Our ceiling tile barriers are a cost-effective, industrial-strength soundproofing and noise control solution. You can use our ceiling tile barriers by laying it on top of existing commercial ceiling tiles with the fiberglass side down. Combining this ceiling tile barrier with our acoustic ceiling tiles is sure to give you the ideal solution for industrial and office environments.
Thomas J. O’Beirne & Company, Inc., was very pleased with the product and the result of the product that All Noise Control introduced to them. As a result, the environment was more suitable for the employee and more comfortable for the staff.
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