Soundproofing Solutions for Kefi Restaurant

The Challenge:
Kefi Restaurant Contacted All Noise Control, they need information on our ceiling panels. They needed something that is attractive and very affordable. As is the case with most restaurants, the surfaces in the Kefi Restaurant have a hard reflective surface that is designed for cleanability. These same surfaces are highly reflective for sound reverberation and cause problems with the acoustics in the room. As background noise elevates, conversational tones across a table begin to compete. The decibel levels in the room spiral out of control. In addition, the surrounding walls in the room have a distinct décor, which cannot be interrupted with a set of wall-mounted sound panels.
The Goal:
The main goal is for All Noise Control to be able to satisfy the customer with the product that they are interested in. Which is the Ceiling Cloud, this product’s excessive sound waves bounce is from surface to surface creating what is a flourish echo. A flourish echo helps eliminate standing waves that cause resounding peaks in the serious mix position. Once in place, they will immediately enjoy a more controlled and intimate acoustic environment, larger sweet spot, and reduced ear fatigue. This product is also very affordable and attractive, the clouds are available in 48 colors to match a color spec in the room or blend in with the ceiling. soundproofing solutions for kefi restaurants, The fabric-wrapped fiberglass sound panels are a great solution for noise control for all sorts of applications. The raw acoustical panels can be wrapped with acoustically transparent fabric to create attractive wall treatments that absorb excessive amounts of sound.
The Solution:
Soundproofing Solutions for Kefi Restaurant felt 100% confident that its decision to use All Noise Control was the right decision. Therefore, they place the order with All Noise Control. The product that was ordered was ceiling clouds, a very effective treatment for the reduction of sound in ceiling areas. All Noise Control ceiling clouds are suspended horizontally, with our eyehook or t-grid attachment mounted to the cloud at the time of shipment. The standard size is up to 4′ x 10′ the specialists determined the quantities required for the treatment based on the size and surface textures in the room.
The Results:
Our Customer, Kefi Restaurant, is very pleased with our results! The Kefi Restaurant is pleased to say that they have a quiet environment, where the customer can enjoy Kefi’s authentic signature dishes.