Soundproofing product for Balboa Inn

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Today Balboa Peninsula is like many other communities in America with a rich history. Visit and wander among the historic spots they have saved such as the Balboa Pavilion, the boardwalk and the Ferris wheel. Then head to their modern costal ‘playground’ with kayaking, arts and more. If you want further news on Balboa Peninsula, it is on-going renovations and activities there. It is hard to get a consensus view concerning the origins of Balboa. Located on the boardwalk, their guests enjoy the many shops, restaurants, and water activities in the area, in addition to sand and surf just outside our doors. For the all the guest there are boats for rent (both power and sail), or the challenge of parasailing or deep-sea fishing. Alternatively, just simply enjoy the relaxation of the ocean boardwalk and the sequestered charm of the Balboa Inn, its restaurant & lounge. For the romantic, Balboa Inn recommends an ocean view suite with fireplace and Jacuzzi Tub. Open the windows at night, listen to the ocean, and experience her cool gentle breeze. Cruise to nearby Catalina Island, or enjoy a romantic gondola ride complete with lunch or dinner on the boat, during your stay at the Balboa Inn.
Balboa Inn had a problem with a fitness area. They explain to All Noise Control that they could only use the ceiling. They needed to damp the sound pollution. Balboa Inn contacted All Noise Control to see what All Noise Control recommended for this situation. They were look for a product that inexpensive and that would block the sound by blocking the transmission of sound energy and damping vibrations.
All Noise Control gathered the information provided to All Noise Control by Balboa Inn. In addition, All Noise Control came with a conclusion on what would be ideal for the fitness room. The sound proofing product would be the acoustical vinyl sound barrier. This product blocks transmission of sound through walls, floors, and ceiling. It is also very effective as a pipe and duct wrap to damper vibrations and reduce noise.
Vinyl Sound Barrier Cross Section:

Balboa Inn placed the order with All Noise Control. They order the Acoustical Vinyl Sound Barrier. Our client, Balboa Inn, is very pleased with the results! They now have a fitness area is calm and peaceful for the guests to work out in and the co-worker have a quite environment. The soundproofing material was the solution.
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