Soundproofing blankets ANC-AB12 for the Lab

Client: Idaho National Laboratory -In operation since 1949, INL is a science-based, applied engineering national laboratory dedicated to supporting the U.S. Department of Energy’s missions in nuclear and energy research, science, and national defense.
All Noise Control supplies and custom manufacturers a wide variety of cost-effective, high-performance acoustical products for noise control in commercial, industrial, and institutional markets as well as other specific markets like Houses of Worship.

Idaho National Laboratory contacted All Noise Control to help them find a soundproofing solution to the noise issues they experienced in their office. After discussing their application All Noise Control provided, Idaho National Laboratory, with a solution, that would help with the soundproofing, issues by suggesting using the soundproofing blanket ANC-AB12

This product has the benefit of both Soundproofing blankets and noise barriers. All Noise Control’s ANC-AB12 consists of a non-reinforced 1-lb psf loaded vinyl noise barrier sandwiched between two layers of vinyl-coated fiberglass-cloth-faced 1″ quilted fiberglass sound absorbers.

  • Curtain panels with grommets across the top, hooked and loop fasteners along the vertical edges
  • Rolls are available in 4′ wide x 25′ long and can be supplied with edges bound or unbound
  • Class A(or1) flammability rated per ASTM E84
  • Available colors: gray, white, black, and tan

Soundproofing blankets typically used include curtain panels in acoustical curtains enclosures also used to separate walls or divide partitions between noise sources, commonly used to line the perimeter walls of a building, or as a free-hanging noise barrier/sound absorber wall.

Idaho National Laboratory placed the order and installed ANC-AB12, which is an acoustic quilted fiberglass absorption blanket. After they installed the product, they were satisfied with the results. However, Idaho National Laboratory experiences a significant drop in decibel making that area of the pant more manageable and safer for workers.

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