Office Building Soundproofing

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Contractor/Builders & Construction

John Mirenda Construction LLC needed a solution for privacy issues in a commercial office space, Regency Tower Office Building. Noise was traveling in and out of office units that required soundproofing solutions to improve office noise quality and especially privacy. All Noise Control was proud to acquire Mirenda construction as a new customer by offering them the ideal solution that fit within their budget and solved their needs.

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Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

All Noise Control provided a solution using ANC-1010 1′ this Fiberglass ceiling tiles 2mil. White pebble grain facing.
Noise problems Theta Pro2Serve Management Company

Theta Pro2Serve Management Company Contacted All Noise Control to provide them with ceiling tiles for their existing drop in ceilings. After receiving the sizes and dimensions, All Noise Control provided a solution using

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Acoustic Enclosure For Chiller

It was getting pretty hot at the Port-land, Maine Museum of Art. Director ofFacilities, Kevin Eames, decided that the best way to improve the efficiency of themuseum’s air conditioning system wouldbe to install a new rotary screw chiller.The problem was that it had to be placedin the same location as the older, quieterunit, a maintenance workshop spacemeasuring about 15’ x 40’.

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