Clean Room Wall Panels

Clean Room Wall Panels
Sound Absorption Clean Room Panels

All Noise Control Clean room acoustical panels are fully encapsulated panels that are USDA/FDA listed and Class 100 Clean Room approved. They can be installed as a lay-in ceiling tile, hung as a rigid baffle, or a wall-mounted panel.

Our panels are high-density all noise control clean panels are high-density fiberglass core that is dimensionally stable and highly sound absorptive. The fiberglass core is fully encapsulated in Clean rooms, chemically resistant plastic film.

Noise control Clean Acoustical Panels are ideally suited for hospitals, clean rooms, commercial and institutional kitchens, food processing, and pharmaceutical facilities.

All Noise Control Clean Room Panels 
All noise control Clean room Baffles are fully encapsulated baffles that reduce the reflection of sound waves by adding soft, porous, open-celled materials to an environment. These USDA-approved baffles are a durable and virtually rip-proof method of adding sound absorption to reverberant areas. The sound absorption core is completely encapsulated in a reinforced polyester film. The white facing reflects light, which adds to the illumination of a room. The standard size is 4’x2’ with two brass grommets on one four-foot side.
  • USDA approved
  •  Washable
  •  Stain-resistant
  • NRC rating up to 12.8 per 4’x2’ baffle
  • Choice of core densities (1.6 lb or 3.0 lb)
  • Applications:

    Typical uses include food processing plants, bottling lines, clean rooms, hospitals, wineries, swimming pools, animal hospitals, and institutional kitchens.

    Product Data:
    Description 1.6 lb/ft3 or 3.0 lb/ft3 fiberglass core fully encapsulated in a virtually rip-proof reinforced white reinforced polyester film.
  • Nominal thickness Type “A” 1 inch
  • Standard sizes 2’ x 2‘, 2’ x 4‘(square & rectangle)
  • Temperature Range -40° to +220° F
  • All components have a Class “A” rating per ASTM E84
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