Education Acoustics

Education Acoustics

Exposure to high noise levels causes many health problems making it difficult for learning. Noise pollution interferes with the ability to understand normal speech and can lead to a number of personal handicaps and behavioral changes.

Also Schools areas such as Gymnasiums, auditoriums, cafeterias, and other multipurpose rooms are areas filled with hard reflective surfaces that cannot absorb the reverberating sound waves reflecting around the room.

Classroom Acoustics

Classroom design and layouts with good acoustics help students understand what educators are teaching and allows students to have a better understanding of the lessons with fewer distractions.

Proper design and layout in a classroom environment will add acoustical wall panels or acoustical ceiling tiles to break up the hard wall and ceiling surfaces used in a typical classroom environment.

Materials to reduce noise and to create a learning-friendly classroom design.

Gym Noise Control

Gyms are large, over-sized rooms filled with hard reflective surfaces that can’t absorb the reverberating sound waves reflecting around the room. Whether you need a retrofit acoustic solution or one added after the fact, All Noise Control can help you solve the problem of reverberation and echo in the gym and multi-purpose rooms. With hard reflective flooring and walls like concrete block and hardwood floors, there is always a need to consider noise reduction for multi-purpose rooms during construction and afterward.

While budget-conscious our sound specialists to not ignore or comprise certain sound reverberation problem or noise control issues. We decide the critical function then add ancillary functions balancing all so that you are left with superior sound in your multipurpose room. This approach is important as most multipurpose serve “multi” functions. Cafeterias, gymnasiums & auditoriums.


To solve the problem of reverberation and echo in gym’s and multipurpose rooms, we manufacture acoustical products such as acoustic ceiling banners, clouds, acoustic wall panels and more that can hang or be fitted into gymnasiums, auditoriums, cafeterias and other multipurpose rooms to solve a host of sound control and noise control issues.





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