Government Noise Control

Government Noise Control

Government Noise Control & Soundproofing Solutions – Court rooms and Police Department Noise Control Solutions

The goal of Government Noise Control and noise reduction in courtroom layout and design is to reduce reverberation ( echoes ), which will then increase speech intelligibility . The standard layout and design of these courtrooms usually include hard surfaces for walls, floors and ceilings causing excessive sound reverberation (echo) within the rooms.


A good courtroom design and layout should include sound absorbing materials to reduce the reverberation (echo) in the room while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance within the courtroom.

Reduce the background noise by absorbing the unwanted sound reflections in the room through the use of a series of soundproofing wall or ceiling mounted sound panels or ceiling tiles. As the sound waves spread throughout the room, the panels will capture and convert the sound energy.


With wall or ceiling mounted sound panels absorbing the unwanted reverberation within the room, background noise drops while speech clarity improves in a court room setting.


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