Hospitality Acoustics

Hospitality Acoustics

Hospitality Noise Control is very important and Proper restaurant design and layout should take into consideration what the room will sound like. Soundproofing Acoustical materials are used in restaurant interior design to create a quieter environment for a better dining experience.

Acoustical wall panels or ceiling tiles can be used in restaurant interior design to create a more pleasurable and comfortable atmosphere or ambiance. These Acoustical Curtains treatments are not only effective but aesthetically pleasing.


Our Acoustical Curtains provide unique solutions to any project. We can use both our sound blocking or a combination of sound absorbing lining to meet your needs.

Our curtains have been used for Hospitality Noise Control. We can meet your budget and deadline. Our curtains are laboratory tested and meet commercial requirements such as flame retardancy. Acoustical Curtains are beautiful room treatments that look elegant and will be an asset to any project.

Our All Noise Control engineered provide Noise Control Solutions for restaurants,hotels,clubs,casinos etc.


Our All Noise Control engineered provide noise control solutions for restaurants,hotels,clubs,casinos etc.










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