Acoustic Blanket Hardware System

Acoustic Blanket Model Track & Framing Hardware

Acoustic BlanketAcoustical Blanket Track and Hardware systems are designed for the installation of acoustical curtain enclosures & fiberglass acoustic blankets.  The track & hardware can be configured for floor, ceiling, suspended, beam and wall mounted systems.  Double track systems allow for slide-open access.  Our heavy duty structural steel systems are utilized on large enclosures.

Designed for installation of acoustical curtain enclosures

Double track systems allow for easy access

Floor, suspended, ceiling, beam, and wall-mounted acoustical systems

Heavy-Duty structural steel systems available

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Acoustic Applications

Class 1 Public Buildings
Industrial Plants
Inplant Offices
Loud, stationary Noise Sources
Encloseable Noise Sources
Outdoor Noise Sources
Printing Presses
Machine Enclosure Curtains
In-plant Noise Baffles
HVAC Applications
Stamping Presses
Pipe and Duct Jackets
Inplant Noise Curtains
OEM Applications

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