Acoustic Panels

Acoustical Panels by All Noise Control are the solution for areas that require noise reduction and are available in a variety of models for various applications. Acoustic Panels can be manufactured in any of the many attractive panel fabrics offered in the industry. All Acoustic Wall Panels are manufactured to the highest standards and are available in standard or custom sizes up to 5′ x 10′.

Decorative Acoustic Panels Benefits:
The elegant appearance, excellent noise absorbing characteristics, durability, and ease of installation make our Fabri-Sorb Decorative Acoustical Panels the best choice for controlling noise and echo anywhere aesthetics are important.
What do Acoustic Panels Panels Do?
Acoustical Wall panels are sound absorbing panels that can mount directly to walls or ceilings through a variety of adhesives, impaling clips, hook & loop fasters etc. They are designed to stop noise control issues with their powerful sound absorbing acoustical materials. They are frequently used in offices as they not only prevent noise polution but increase speech intelligibility by reducing reverberation and echoes.
Acoustic Wall Panel Applications
Acoustic Wall Panels are the ideal solution for spaces with reverberant noise problems. Our wall panels can be installed for a variety of applications. Decorative Acoustical Panels provide excellent acoustical and aesthetic enhancement to these typical spaces View Fabric Color Chart:

  • Offices
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Multi-Purpose Rooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Churches
  • Broadcast, Theaters, and Classroom Environments

Why Choose Acoustic Panels?

  • Our panels are Class A FIRE RATED per ASTM E-84
  • Light weight easy to install on walls or ceiling applications
  • Available in 1” and 2” thickness
  • Sizes from 2’ X 2’ to 4’ X 10’ and custom sizes all available
  • Hardened Wrapped Edge

Acoustic Panels Models Available:

NRC RATINGS:: 1” (.80 – .90)  2” (1.10)
All our Acoustic Wall Panels have 2 color options. View one of our color charts below:

Physical Properties

  • Colors : 48 polyester fabric Guilford colors
  • Weight : 5 / 8 pound per square foot
  • Size: Custom cut thru 4’x 10′
  • Thickness: I” or 2″
  • Density: 7 pounds per cubic foot
  • Fire Rating : ASTM E 84 Class A approved
  • Smoke Density: 22.75
  • Breaking Strength: 150 lb/in.
  • Density: 2 lb/ft
  • Temperature Limits: -20OF to 180OF
  • Quilting Patter:4″ x 4″ diamond size stitching
wall panels noise reductions
noise control wall panels
1″ Thick .11 .30 .77 1.02 1.00 1.00 .85
2″ Thick .46 1.00 1.07 1.05 1.10 1.18 1.15

Noide Control Wall Panels

Wall Panels ANC-3000:

3 Part Specs

Wall Panels ANC-3100:

3 Part Specs

Wall Panels ANC-3500:

Partition Kits for ANC-3000 Wall Panels:View Details
Custom Printed Acoustical Wall Panels:View Details

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