Commercial Ceiling Clouds

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Commercial Ceiling Cloud Details:
Commercial Ceiling Clouds is a free-hanging fiberglass ceiling panel. It offers a high-recycled content (71% total, 70% post-consumer, 1% pre-consumer). The LEED calculation for this product’s recycled content is 71%. The acoustical performance of this product may contribute to points for a LEED project per that U.S. Green Building Council system.

Features & Benefits:
• Free-hanging unit with superior sound absorption.
• 3 different mounting methods for ease of installation.
• Simple integration of lighting components.
• Laminated front and back with fully painted edges.
• Akutex FT white finish has perfect light diffusion (+99%).
• Available in 9 colors and 11 shapes

Misty Rose Pale Garden Pure Olive Silent Sand Silver Shadow Soft Slate Vanilla Dream Volcanic Dust White

Energy and Atmosphere (EA)
Credit 1 Optimize energy performance
Our ceiling panels with high light reflectance (above 0.82 according to ASTM E1477) can reduce lighting demands and subsequently the energy required to operate them. 1-10 points
Materials & Resources (MR)
Credit 4.1 Recycled content 10% (post-consumer + ½ pre-consumer)
Credit 4.2 Recycled content 20% (post-consumer + ½ pre-consumer)
CertainTeed Ceilings panels can contribute to the project’s recycled content. 1-2 points
Indoor Air Quality (EQ)
Prerequisite 3 (LEED for Schools only) Minimum acoustical performance
CertainTeed Ceilings high sound absorption ceiling panels can contribute to the achievement of reverberation time goals (per ANSI 12-60-2002)
Indoor Air Quality (EQ)
Credit 2 (LEED for Healthcare only) Acoustic environment: exterior noise, acoustical finishes & room noise levels
CertainTeed Ceilings high sound attenuation panels can contribute to acoustic privacy goals and high sound absorption ceiling panels can contribute to those performance goals. 1-2 points
Indoor Air Quality (EQ)
Credit 4 (LEED for Schools only) Low-emitting materials (ceiling & wall systems)
CertainTeed Ceilings panels are certified low-emitting products (per Collaborative for High-Performance Schools / adopted by Greenguard Children & Schools). 1 p
Commercial Ceiling Clouds

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Commercial Acoustical Ceiling Clouds Installation Instructions

High Density Fiberglass Ceilings.

Commercial Ceiling Clouds
Features & Benefits :

  • superior sound absorption
  • semi-concealed suspension yet easy to access
  • Minimal installation clearance requirement permits maximum ceiling height
  • 5/16″ narrow space between panels
  • suitable for use as a component in certain clean room assemblies (ISO 14644-1 Class 5/Fed. std. 209E Class 100/M3.5)
  • wide selection of sizes
  • Akutex FT white finish has perfect light diffusion (+99%)
  • Available in 9 colors (see pg. 16)
  • Moisture resistant
  • Unique downward access greatly limits panel damage from repeated plenum access
  • Recommended by Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association


  • Public Lobbies
  • Conference Rooms
  • Offices
  • Galleries
  • Libraries
  • Resorts